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About JaagoTeens

JaagoTeens, a Society registered in April 2010 under Societies Registration Act of 1860, is committed to promoting a responsible and safer internet ecosystem. With the recent massive thrust in Digital Literacy being witnessed in our country, we sincerely believe it is imperative that Digital Safety goes hand in hand with Digital Literacy. To achieve this mission weconstantly work to expand and evolve our content, encouraging and educating, especially our student communities, to promote a safe and responsible internet, enabling youth to benefit from the massive potential the internet holds.


. Jaago All- this is a wake- up call for each of us who use the internet

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Tips & FAQs

Tips for Prevention of Online Abuse of

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If you wish to share any incident with us please feel free to write to us at info@jaagoteens.com.

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Book a Workshop

Presently we conduct workshops in Delhi/NCR. If you would like to book a workshop please write to us at info@JaagoTeens.com. We will be glad to give you more details about our workshops. We offer both Students workshops and Teachers workshops.

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Be a Net Smartee

“Be a Net Smartee” is a board game that is an interesting and fun way to create awareness amongst young children about safe internet usage.

Game play (Snakes and Ladders) used is simple and familiar and this gives children a chance to concentrate on the safety messages.

Testimonials from Users:

  • A student of Class 8 said, “This is fun. I played with my grandmother and even she enjoyed the game.”
  • A Principal said, “I find this as a useful tool to use during substitution classes when my teachers are absent. ”
  • A teacher said, “I have kept 50 boxes of the game in the library, so my children can play if they are not going out to play or if they are not in a mood to read a book.”
  • A student said, “I played with my mother and told her what the messages were, she was very happy with the game”.
  • Another student of Class 9 said, “I played with my brother who is in Class 4. I also told him what the safety messages meant when he landed on the different boxes.”
  • A parent said,” I have bought 10 boxes and kept them with me. I can use them to gift children in the family or when my child goes for a birthday party. It is reasonably priced, it costs Rs.150/-, a good product at this price.”

  • To order now!

    To order in lots of 10 boxes write to us at leena@JaagoTeens.com. (Please make sure you have copied this email id correctly!) You could also message us at our FaceBook page ( https://www.facebook.com/JaagoTeens/) or Twitter page (#JaagoTeens).