Tips and Faqs

Tips for Prevention of Online Abuse of Children (Tips and Faqs)


  1. The internet is a very powerful and useful medium, but use it responsibly.
  2. Use the internet for your homework and for learning something new.
  3. Your parents might not know how to use the internet, but they can still help you deal with situations on the internet. Tell them, if anything on the net makes you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Keep a password that is at least 8 characters long, and is a mix of small letters, caps, numbers and special characters. Choose a phrase, and take first letters, and then add some numbers and special characters, for eg.’ I am safe on the internet’ and your password could be iAsOtI51%$.
  5. Spend some time to understand privacy settings, get an adult or friend to help you set them properly. This will ensure that your personal information does not become public.
  6. Always use anti-virus software; this stops viruses from entering your computer. Viruses can harm your computer.


  1. Do not give out your real name, gender, age, school name, hobbies, and interests to unknown people on the internet. All this is personal information and must not be made public.
  2. Choose a safe alias name, something that does not give out your personal information. Example brownEarth is a better screen name than CutiePie13 or Sarthak02.
  3. Don’t share pictures of yourself or your family or friends, with others on the internet. Never feel pressurised to send a picture that you do not wish to send.
  4. Don’t bully anyone and do not be rude with others.
  5. Don’t share your password with anyone, not even your best friend.
  6. Never arrange to meet people, whom you’ve first met online, on your own. Inform a trusted adult and never meet alone.
  7. Don’t copy and paste information from the internet and pass it off as your own. State the source.
  8. Don’t click on links or download attachments sent by uknown people. This can lead to viruses and junk.
  9. Don’t stay up till late at night working on the internet, this harms your health. Go out and play, instead.